Eco Slate

Eco Slate



30×60 = 7 tiles per box – 1.26m2

60×60 = 4 tiles per box 1.44m2

90×90 = 3 tiles per box – 2.43m2

Slate is a rock that has been used for millennia as a floor and wall material due to its outstanding aesthetic and technical characteristics. Although natural slate is durable and easy to work with, it is a “soft” rock and slate floors are therefore easily prone to being scratched. With current technologies, porcelain stoneware offers us a wonderful opportunity to replicate, modify and improve what we find in nature, making it more economical and eco-sustainable thanks to the virtuous circle of ceramic production that allows for a reduced environmental impact compared to quarrying. The aesthetic offer is also expanded with different colours compared to the original grey or black of the slate and the graphic result is made more elegant and contemporary. Our Ecoslate collection, developed in four well-balanced colours, is available in various thicknesses (6 – 9 – 9.5mm and 2cm) and in different formats 30×60 – 60×60 – 60×120 – 90×90 to give you plenty of design options.

For Outdoor available in 40×80 20mm

We make interiors infused with the spirit of contemporary design philosophies.