Nero Marquina marble is a stunning natural stone revered for its deep, intense black color and contrasting white veining. Quarried primarily in the Basque Country of northern Spain, this marble has captivated designers and architects worldwide for its bold and dramatic appearance.
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Nero Marquina marble, named after the Basque Country quarries in Spain where it originates, is renowned for its distinctive appearance and rich history. Here’s a detailed description:


  • Quarry Location: Nero Marquina marble is predominantly quarried in the Basque Country of northern Spain, particularly around the regions of Markina and Deva. This area is known for producing high-quality marbles with deep cultural significance.


  • Color: The marble’s base color is a deep, intense black, which serves as a dramatic backdrop for its characteristic white veining.
  • Veining: Nero Marquina marble is distinguished by its stark, contrasting veins of white or occasionally gold. These veins can vary in thickness and distribution, creating a striking visual contrast against the dark background.
  • Pattern: The veining patterns are typically irregular and bold, often resembling lightning strikes or branches, adding to its unique and artistic appeal.


  • Interior Design: Nero Marquina marble is prized for both residential and commercial interior applications due to its bold color and striking veining. Common uses include:
    • Countertops: Adds a touch of drama and sophistication to kitchen and bathroom countertops.
    • Flooring: Creates a statement in large spaces such as entryways, living rooms, and hotel lobbies.
    • Wall Cladding: Enhances the aesthetic of feature walls, fireplaces, and backsplashes with its bold patterns.
    • Decorative Accents: Used in custom furniture pieces, sculptures, and decorative objects to highlight its unique beauty.


  • Durability: Nero Marquina marble is known for its durability and longevity, making it suitable for high-traffic areas with proper care and maintenance.
  • Maintenance: Regular sealing is recommended to protect against stains and etching, particularly given its dark color. Cleaning should be done with pH-neutral cleaners to preserve its shine and finish.
  • Finish: It can be polished to a high gloss to enhance its natural beauty and veining patterns, or honed for a matte finish depending on the desired aesthetic.

Comparison with Other Marbles

  • Portoro Marble: Similar in color to Nero Marquina, Portoro marble features gold or bronze veining instead of white, offering a more opulent and warmer appearance.
  • Belgium Black Marble: Also dark in color, Belgium Black has a smoother texture and more uniform appearance compared to the bold veining of Nero Marquina.
  • Emperador Marble: Emperador marble features warm tones and is characterized by its rich brown background with lighter veins, contrasting with the stark black and white of Nero Marquina.

Market and Value

  • Cost: Nero Marquina marble is considered a premium marble and is priced accordingly, reflecting its rarity, bold appearance, and high demand.
  • Desirability: Its unique coloration and dramatic veining make Nero Marquina marble a preferred choice for those seeking to make a bold statement in their interior design projects.


Nero Marquina marble is a striking natural stone celebrated for its deep black color and contrasting white veining. Its bold patterns and luxurious appearance lend a sense of drama and sophistication to any space, making it a prized material in the world of upscale interior design. Whether used as countertops, flooring, or decorative accents, Nero Marquina marble stands out as a timeless and impactful choice that adds depth and character to architectural and decorative projects alike.